Nanotube bottoms are uniformly etched to produce consistent nanoscale pores.

Current Drug Delivery Limitations

Protein and peptide therapeutic delivery options for patients are generally limited to injections and infusions. In addition to the pain and compliance issues associated with these delivery techniques, the delivery profile is often non-optimal, negatively affecting treatment outcomes. Spikes in concentration immediately following injections often cause side effects, while the diminished concentrations after molecules are eliminated can reduce efficacy.

Pressure from payers for improved compliance and thus, convenience, is driving the need to innovate novel solutions in drug delivery. Extended release, constant-rate implants address all of these issues, and may even improve patient outcomes. In addition to producing constant-rate delivery, an optimal device would be small, easy to implant, and most importantly, safe over the duration of the implantation. Nano Precision Medical is developing a biocompatible, rice-grain sized, subdermal implant with the NanoPortal TM membrane to provide long-term, constant-rate delivery of therapeutic macromolecules for up to a year.

Pain, No Gain

Current Standard Injection Therapy

Injection diagram

  • Unnecessary side effects

    Spikes in concentration immediately following injections often cause toxicity and undesirable patient side effects.

  • Lack of efficacy

    Diminished concentrations between injections can limit treatment efficacy.

  • Difficulty with compliance

    Frequent, uncomfortable injections lead to reduced patient compliance and suboptimal outcomes.

Worry-Free, Constant-Rate Delivery

NanoPortal Eliminates The Need For Frequent Injections

Nanoportal injection diagram

  • Constant-rate release

    Consistent delivery rates eliminate concentration spikes and diminished concentrations, overcoming the pharmacokinetic inadequacies of standard injection therapy.

  • Extended duration

    Patients can be confident that they will receive their medication for many months without any need for continual oversight.

  • Guaranteed compliance

    Clinicians and insurance providers can trust that patients receive their prescribed treatment, maximizing the chance for positive outcomes.

The NanoPortal TM Solution

Nano Precision Medical is developing a small, rice-grain sized implant with the NanoPortal membrane to provide long-term, constant-rate delivery of therapeutics for many months. The rice-grain sized device is designed for easy implantation under the skin.

Nanoportal solution

  • Nano-enabled

    Biocompatible, titania, nanoporous membrane technology enables constant-rate release without moving parts or electronics.

  • Potent formulation

    Our potent formulation permits an extended duration of therapy to fit into a compact device.

  • Easy to implant

    Our rice-grain sized device can be implanted in minutes during a simple, outpatient procedure.

The Goldilocks Effect