Obesity and Overweight

73.9% of American adults were affected by obesity or overweight in 2017-2018, and this number is on the rise. High dose GLP-1s have been the first medication class to show weight loss of up to 15-20% with acceptable safety and tolerability profiles.

Problems With Current Treatment

  • People stop medications

    Studies find less than 30% continuation on any anti-obesity medication at 1 year, but obesity is a chronic progressive disease.

  • Weight is quickly regained

    When medications are stopped, weight increases to the level seen with lifestyle changes alone.

  • Avoidable costs are high

    A weight reduction of 5% for individuals with a BMI > 40 would yield $34.9 B in annual savings in medical costs alone.

How We Solve It

Only One Implant Is Necessary

  • Guaranteed adherence gets good results

    The NanoPortal implant ensures continuous dosing with GLP-1, the most efficacious drug class in weight loss.

  • Lasting freedom from weight regain

    Extended duration means weight stays off longer and patients avoid additional dosing burdens.

  • Small device, simple insertion

    NanoPortal implant insertion can be performed in a quick, outpatient procedure.