NanoPortal Platform

Have It Your Own Way

In designing our implants, we first focus on the patients. After determining that a patient population would accept and benefit from a constant-rate implant, we then optimize our design for ease of insertion and appropriate duration. Our technology allows for independent tuning of size, duration, delivery rate, and molecule size, enabling optimization for a variety of treatments.

Ensuring Patient Acceptability

Because Size Matters

Patient experience is extremely important, and we seek to provide a comfortable solution that they will welcome. The NanoPortal device is designed to maximize the drug content for a given device size, permitting a small device to provide clinically-meaningful treatment durations. For many indications entire devices can fit within a standard needle for easy insertion.

Extending Implant Duration

Formulated to Last

Because the size is determined by patient acceptability, the duration is determined by the formulation concentration. Nano Precision Medical is developing proprietary formulation technology that stabilizes molecules at high concentrations under physiologic conditions.

Achieving Optimal Delivery Rates

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

For many indications, different dosing levels are necessary. The NanoPortal design can easily provide target delivery rates by controlling the number of accessible nanotubes, i.e. the number and/or size of the windows in the membrane.

Constant Release for Many Molecules

Sizing Up NanoPortal

Constant-rate delivery is produced by having a pore that is matched in size to the drug molecule. NanoPortal membranes can be produced with pore sizes that will allow tunable delivery of a range of molecules, from small molecules to antibodies and blood-clotting factors.