Nanotubes are easily grown to be vertically aligned

NanoPortal Technology

Recent advances in titania nanoporous membrane technology have enabled the development of a sub-dermally-implantable drug-delivery device which uses no moving parts and thus is highly space-efficient. The implant uses biocompatible materials extensively used in FDA-approved implants.

Nanotubes For The Win

The Future of Materials is Here

  • Vertically Aligned

    NanoPortal membranes comprise an integrated structure consisting of long, straight, adjacently-connected nanotubes that remain firmly attached to the titanium from which they grew.

  • Robust

    Nanotubes can be grown to lengths of 40+ micrometers, allowing for robust handling and maintenance of structural integrity under a variety of processing and physiological conditions.

NanoPortal is a Platform Technology

As Flexible as it is Strong

  • Controllable Delivery Rate

    Delivery rate can be controlled by increasing the number of accessible nanotubes.

  • Tunable pore size

    To maintain constant-rate delivery, smaller molecules are matched with smaller nanotube diameters.

  • Works for many molecules

    The ability to tune the delivery rate and accommodate a wide variety of molecules will enable NanoPortal to improve the treatment of many diseases.